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We've loved every minute of our journey and now it's time to share it with you

An Idea is Born

Road Trip Paranormal began many years ago when two friends, Jeremiah Norwood and Brandon Callahan, with a passion for everything weird and haunted, they hit the road together to find the connections between hauntings and the stories behind them in order to find answers. In 2014 Jason Roberts took over ownership and has turned RTP into a more public orientated team with public events, allowing guests to come along on these paranormal adventures. By learning the history of every site helps bring the past and present together. Both Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and Road Trip Paranormal are one team, ELP being the investigative side, while RTP is the events/tours side of the team.


Our Team at the Beginning

All great teams revolve around the good people that make up the group. RTP changed in 2014 with an idea to bring the public into our investigations. In order to do this, we needed to stretch across the state with multiple locations in different cities. As of today RTP is hosting public events in Wichita, Dodge City, Ness City, Oberlin, Wilson, Topeka, and Wamego. More locations are coming as our name continues to spread! At our events we allow the public to go along on paranormal investigations while learning the gear and enjoying time with each investigator. We also work side by side with Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and Bigfooting Kansas. RTP consists of many team members who are simply some of the best to work with!!

Public Events

Our public events revolve around getting the public involved with our cases like investigating with us. Right now we offer public investigations in Dodge City and Wilson. Plenty of more cities are working with us to setup these types of events. We offer a Wichita Ghost Tour, public speakings at schools or other locations, and we are willing to go anywhere you'd like to meet us and talk about the paranormal.

Our partners:

Bigfooting Kansas

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Everyday-Legacy Paranormal

City of Dodge City

Cryptic Heartland Podcast

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Why Us?

"Our goal and quest is to provide the community with an entertaining and informative trip to destinations of our past. To provide the history and most current paranormal stories and allow us to take you on a journey, where the unknown is our destination." - Jason Roberts