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The beginnings of something new...

Posted on March 9, 2019 at 1:25 PM

The 2019 year is off and running but everything feels a lot different then they did a year ago. We all go through life with up and downs and find our way though them. 2018 took it's toll on the team and myself included. We beagn the year rocking it with investigations all over the state of Kansas and getting to do public events in locations we were told would never happen, Boot Hill Museum was one of those.  But with all the excitement of new locations and friends we have met along the way, personal tragedy still followed us...

In the field of the paranormal and the unknown, we deal with other people's tragedies, fears and pain. We never truly think about our own in the same aspect. In 2018 my wife of 4 years, (together for 10 years total), passed away after 3 1/2 years of fighting an illness we and the doctors could not fix or even understand. This left me broken and not understanding life. Other team members lost their brother, grandmother, and other loved ones little before or after I lost my wife. It really makes you stop and reflect all that you do and you want to find a good reason for it all. But in the end, there is not any real good reason for any of it...

The pain we each were hit with in 2018 has made my team, who above all are more family than anything, stronger together. We are laying the ground work for some upcoming plans and projects that 10 years ago seemed out of reach but is now happening. We are preparing for our first hosting gig for a Metaphysical and Paranormal festival, working on a script and outline for our own documentary, and being a guest speaker for the upcoming 2019 Bigfoot Festival in North Carolia.

With pain can come progress and hopefully some happiness. Together this team will continue to grow and become everything we have hoped for. This is the beginning of something new...

DESTINATIONS: Wilson, KS - Midland Railroad Hotel

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 10:50 PM

The Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson, KS has become one of our premier spots where we have held several public investigations with two more scheduled for 2017.

The hotel was built in 1899 by Wilke Power and was named the Power Hotel, it was one of the premier stops along the railroad of the Union Pacific in the midwest and was a beautiful limestone structure of three stories and 28 rooms. People would get off the train to go down in the basement of the hotel to show off their crafts and goods and was soon known as the Sample Room... and is still named that today.

In 1902 a fire tore through the hotel, tearing apart the upper floors. By 1920 with new owners it was re-opened as the Midland Railroad hotel. With such loss, damage, and change over time the hotel has held on to it's past well, and even some of the past visitors has remained inside. The hotel even showcases scenes from the 1973 film "Paper Moon," in which the hotel was used as a backdrop in the film.

We were asked to investigate the hotel, and that soon turned into a chance to do on going public investigations. This was an idea I fell for, a chance to bring the public along with us as we search for the hauntings of the hotel. This was too good to pass up, and the owner was behind us all the way.

The hotel has a few claims of spirits that are seen or heard through out the building. They have seen a woman along the staircase in the main lobby, a little girl who they have named Rose, and the Sheriff on the 3rd floor. The exact story of who they are are still up for debate but is something we are trying hard to figure out. The hauntings do not stop there as we investigate Grandma's Soda Shop around the corner of the hotel and the cemetery as well.

The Soda Shop is two stories with a basement that feels like a cave. Above the Soda Shop used to be a Dentist office and several apartments at one time or another. The 2nd floor also used to house a Mason Lodge that still has a fire door seperating it and another room. It is on the second floor that there has been a male voice that screams out "Get Out" from time to time. In the basement you can hear the whispers of the past, at several times during the public events we have had guests and team members hear these voices.During one such event while filming downstairs of the Soda Shop, a team member had a large rock and object thrown at them from no where... this too was caught on film.

This too is an ongoing site of investigans, will be more than happy to share more as we get it...or you can join us there sometime!

DESTINATIONS: Oberlin, KS - Last Indian Raid Museum

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 10:00 PM

One of our newest locations is the Last Indian Raid Museum in the Northwestern Kansas town of Oberlin. Little over 4 hour drive for us from Wichita, this town opened their arms to our team to come investigate the museum. Not only did we get a warm welcome, we had people from around the town come and speak to us about their own concerns with the possible hauntings they have been dealing with in their own homes. We showed up up in town to investigate the museum, but left with 7 more cases to work on. It was just a wonderful city and felt we had a lot to offer for them.

The museum was full of artifacts from so many points of history. Sharleen, who was our contact at the museum knew everything inside and even continues to help us with our research. As for the hauntings, there were two suicides that occurred inside the building, which is unusal for any museum. This was a great point of interest for us going in, not to mention the chance to wonder the museum all day and night. But we had a lot in store for us as we began our investigation. There are several buildings that make up the complete museum that inlude an old church, gas station, as well as the old train depot that would be the focal point of our night there.

It was a very cold evening with some snow still on the ground from a few days before. Sharleen had told us that the main build of the museum was the only one that had power to it, so the depot did not have power or heat for that matter. Sharleen had told us that she believed there was a child inside the depot because the lights were turning on and off during the season the museum was open. She would know for a fact she turned off the lights, only to be called back into town because someone said the lights were on again. Sharleen went in there one night and with a teachers voice and attitude, said enough was enough; and it stopped. So we went in there wanting to test out the idea of a child being there. Our results were outstanding! While asking questions and trying to get a response, we had our Mel-Meter tick up when asking for it to happen and for my first time I saw the flashlight that was laying on the counter come on with "yes or no" questions; this happening multiple times and all caught on camera. Disembodied voice heard from time to time while inside as well as shadows moving about. It was just wonderful...

This being an on going site of investigation, I will tell and share more as we get it...

DESTINATIONS: Hillside Church - Wichita, KS

Posted on March 4, 2017 at 9:40 PM

Every team has a location that fuels them to learn more about the history as well as why there is so much paranormal activity inside one building. For our team Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, that location is the former Hillside Baptist Church, formally known as the Forum Theater to the team. For myself I had the pleasure of investigating here as a paying guest with a team from St Joe, MO who was visting the site from a invitation by the owners. I was hooked from that night forward...


Going back to the begining, the church was built in the early 1920's and was lef by their first pastor Ernest for a few years. Ernest wanted to leave but was denied and was instead given a secretary and took on a higher role among a pastors group in the city. Not long after taking the head of this all pastors group, Ernst left the Hillside Church and moved on out of state. From then on the church took on several pastors and staff as well as building onto the church that included classrooms. In th 1950's the church suffered a fire inside the main sanctuary in which the church had to move their services to the Crown Uptown Theater, which is where they held Sunday services for one year. Over time the church started to change and soon the congregation moved out leaving the church vacant for several years.


New owners Grant and Janet in the early 2000's took over the task of a building in dispare, needless to say it needed a lot of work. A huge basement, two floors, and another section built on that had classrooms. It was a huge undertaking that they felt they had to do and they put their hearts into everything. Rebuilding the main sancutary in include a larger stage and taking out the choir loft. The many hallways an stairwells were changed and repainted and decorated with authentic materials that included chandeliers and other peices of furniture. It was while the building was under construction that Grant and Janet knew something was off inside what they were hoping to be a new theater in Wichita.


They started to witness shadows, giggles, strange noises, growling, voices, music and objects being moved on them. After an incident in the pastors study that involed the door almost injurying Grant while he was working in the room, they decided they needed to reach out to someone. They were able to contact an investigator in Wichita by the name of Brendon Brannan who had his eye on the old church for a while. Brendan went in to investigate with his team along with Grant and Janet. That night gave them everything they had hoped for and maybe more then they asked for. Brendon was able to see a shadow figure stare at him from the other side of a door in the basement, gave chase but found no one around. As he explained he could see the figure turn and run away like a person, which made him run after it. Later that evening the group was heading to the office spaces in the basement. As they opened the door to the office, a loud female scream exploded within the office room, so loud and so close that Brendan explained that it was if she was standing in the doorway screaming. The scream was recorded on audio devices on all 3 levels of the building.


As time moved on Brendan became a member of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, which I became a member as well in 2009. Since 2008 our team has experienced so many strange and amazing things inside this building with hours of evidence to prove. So many stories included within our team that I could write page after page here. I will tell you a couple of stories though.


During my first investigation with ELP at the old church, I brought my wife Nicole so she could see and experience her first "ghost hunt." The night was going well with a few unexplained footsteps and doors opening with no one there. During a rotation where my wife and I were sitting up in the choir loft, we found ourselves relaxing a bit and just taking in how big the sanctuary is and watching the upper deck for any movement. While sitting there you can easily see two doors, one on either side of the loft. With Nicole sitting on my left, from the corner of my eyes I could see a figure come around and through the doorway and walk towards us. I turn and click on my flashlight thinking I was going to see someone standing there next to Nicole. I saw no one standing there so I turned off my flashlight and went back to watching forward. It was about the that Nicole burries her face into my left arm shaking her head and saying "no, no, no, no..." Unable to calm her, we said good night to the group and headed home. Finally sitting in front of our home she was able to calm down enough to say, "soon as you turned off your flashlight, I head and felt the breath of a male voice saying Hello to me..." It shook her up, but that only ignited the passion in her to learn more. Now, after we told Jeremiah about what happened to Nicole in the choir loft, he stopped us and said that the samething happened to him while sitting in the loft once. He explained that it happened one other time before we ever met. He was sitting in the loft and everything was quite, he was just sitting there watching and looking around. Then all of a sudden a voice whispers in his ear "Hello" which startled Jeremiah so much he jumps over the row of seats in front of him and he almost falls over the railings.


The team held many public events there and I even took guests from the Wichita Ghost Tour inside and almost every time we went in, someone would walk away with a story of something that they saw, heard, and witnessed in front of them. I have many more stories like I said and maybe I'll return to this site later to tell you more.


Grant and Janet ran the Forum Theater inside the old church for a few years before selling the building and property back to a new type of church and congregation, marking the end of our time investigating there. The church has reached out to us to ask about our findings but no agreement has been made to allow us back in.





2017 Is Here!!

Posted on January 11, 2017 at 6:25 PM

2017 is finally underway and we have some amazing investigations and public events in store, and with that I plan on doing something fun and interesting this year that I have wanted to start for some time now. Before I explain, I just wanted to say HI and also hope everyone out there had a great holiday season!

This year with investigations with Everyday-legacy Paranormal and Bigfooting Kansas, I am wanting to go back to basics with RTP here. We well continue to setup public events and do the Wichita Ghost Tour with our partner Ghost Tours of Kansas. What I am wanting to do is set out on the road and explore...explore any or all myths and lore of the state of Kansas. Taking to the road to different cities and locations and document each journey with pics and background story for all of you. I want to find the truth behind each reported "haunting" of other different kinds of activity each city and the residents living there are having. It will involve myself going alone or with different team mates from time to time.

Coming soon we will be setting up new dates for all upcoming events, so please stay tuned!!!!

As always, please contact us on here anytime!!!


The Strange and Weird: Part One

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the delay on another post, but the recent holiday got in the way of time to do a lot. As we come together on these sites everyone is wanting to hear about the strange and weird that myself and the team encounters. Just to let you know, I like everything in the relam of werid or unknown. I have spent years of my life reading on the paranormal, UFO's, Bigfoot, monsters to conspiracies of any topic.

With that in mind, back on November 22, was the anniversary JFK assassination. Having been to the site in Dallas twice and getting a chance to hear historians at the site tell the stories and the strange events before and after the shooting still leaves me scratching my head. Now sure, there have been countless investigations into this topic. Everyone has a thought on it so I won't dive too much into it. I will say these things that do not make sense to me:  The timeline of events inside the buidling do not match up so well. Oswlad is seen inside the breakroom of the BDB eating just a short time before the shooting. He is again seen drinking a soda moments after the shooting. No one saw him running down the stairs either. He then walks right out the frontdoor.  Also, something that sticks out in my mind is the live interview Oswald is having with the media. They are asking him questions and sticks to his statement of not knowing what he is being held for. Then a news reporter tells him he is being held for the murder of the President. Right there, the look on his face is strange as if in complete shock. Shock in that he is being accused of the murder or shock that "they" are putting the whole thing on him? In my opinion, did he know about the intended killing...yes. Did he really act alone and pull that I could go on and on with this but that 's for another time.

Bigfoot...that is a popular topic these days given the TV shows. Over the years of investigating hauntings we have encountered some strange things that point to the Big Guy being in the same area or even watching us. There is a book that just came out back in August by author Brandon Callahan, an investigator in Kansas City. The book is called - The Agony That Remains and it is based on true events that happened while investigating in Oklahoma. Now myself and the team were a part of this investigation. It was a crazy adventure that each of us can agree on. Voices in the woods, shadows running around us, to seeing large foot prints in the dirt...large! Then one night, our teammates Brenden (BB) and Leo encountered the Big Guy in person. So much more to all these stories, but I have seen the evidence and I know the creature to be true. I have heard the growls, the screams, wood knocks, and rock throwing...including the heavy footsteps in the woods. Simply amazing. If you go to the Bigfooting Kansas website, you can hear a recording of something walking into camp and it's heavy deep breathing as it examines our food and gear.

Another topic I enjoy is that of UFO sightings. Now, not that this happens everyday around me here in Wichita, KS but the history of all this is interesting enough. The idea of creatures coming down, abducting you and such does give me more chills than going into a house that is said to be haunted. The stories of abductions are the most interesting. From Betty and Barney Hill to Travis Walton having complelling stories to them and make you feel that it could happen to you. Rosewell is another I could go into for hours, but you all know the story of the supposed UFO crash and the recovery of bodies...if not, I'll go into that in our next post. There have been sightings everywhere around the world and they even pop up in the Bible...if you're willing to see it that way. I myself have witnessed something in the sky while star gazing south of Wichita in the country. A star that started to move, went down, then shot upward and back to it's starting point...making a ful triangle. As I was watching this, I elbowed my wife and asked if she was seeing this. She said "Yes..." Then I noticed she was looking in a total different direction than me...come to find out, there were 2 objects in the sky doing the same formation. All I know is that they were not man made nor natural.

I will leave you all here for now, I will write soon! Thanks everyone! Again, if you want to comment just message the site below and I'll get back to you!

Questions we're always asked

Posted on November 15, 2016 at 10:05 PM

Greetings everyone on this Tuesday evening! It has been a long week so far, and again it is only Tuesday! Wish I could say that myself and the teams get paid for what we do and can make a living out of it...but no, we all work full-time jobs and take care of family in our daily lives. That is okay though, our families support us in our adventures and all the meetings that we have to discuss the investigations.

For RTP, we had a very long but great October with the Wichita Ghost Tours. Cathy of Ghost Tours of Kansas has kept us busy through the season with different tour dates and add on the investigations with ELP and we have been swamped. Not to mention the very popular public event we had in Wilson, KS at the Midland Railroad Hotel back on October 8th. Always a great time with a lot of amazing memories.

Now, when doing the Wichita Ghost Tours, Live Public Investigations or just doing public speaking we are always meeting so many new people. While talking to everyone, they are always asking myself or other members of the team about the different types of hauntings we have encountered or handled, do we get nervous, are we ever followed back home, or how different is it compared to the TV shows. Well...where to begin...

I have been investigating since 2009 full-time. Now other members of the team, past and current team memebers, have been investigating longer than i have such as Jeremiah who founded both RTP and ELP. Brendon has been investigating for many years and started Bigfooting Kansas just a few years ago, in which he has been researching more on the legendary creature within the state and beyond. As for Leo and I who are the two heads for ELP and RTP, we started all this about the same time when we joined ELP and climbed the ranks of the team so to speak.

What type of hauntings do we encounter? So far, several kinds. We have encountered many different hauntings that included residual to intelligent to what many may call demonic. Each case brings something different to us, sometimes it can be easily answered while other times it leaves us puzzeled and walking away asking so many more questions about what happened. We have been in normal looking homes, historical locations, to being out in the middle of the woods and have heard and seen things that have just astonished us. Objects moving, voices speaking aloud answering us, being touched or scratched, shadow figures moving about, full-body apparitions, and a sighting of the creature known as Bigfoot. Yes, you read that correctly.

Are we ever scared? Well, we are human and of course we still get nervous or a little on edge given the location we are in. I know I get that strange feeling of needing to get away from certain aways sometimes, but being with my teammates helps that feeling subeside. I have had a few things scare the crap out of me, like having a crate full of toys slam up against a wall after I asked a question that the spirit there didn't seem to like...yeah I almost fell over on that one as two team members laughed at me. But we are always working together and try to be aware of our surroundings to help explain a lot of the noises and such.

Have we ever had something follow us home? I get asked this a lot. Some team members may have had something follow them. To be honest, we don't talk about it much. Some cases that we handle do end up being an emotional trip that is hard to explain to each other as well as our family. I do believe that a few of my teammates have had something follow them home...ever since we helped out on a case in Oklahoma, it really seemed to bother them after coming back home. As for me, I am not sure. I always joke with the teams that I am the last to hear or see something. The truth is, I am a skeptic in my head but a believer in my heart. To explain this, I know I see or hear a lot of the things going on around us while investigating. I try to always explain it to myself and i think I am just waiting for something to jump out and wave at me. Sometimes, I do feel like some one or something is around me while living my day to day life. But I am just thinking too much in to it? I am a huge critic on myself and how I investigate, meaning I am always thinking and not allowing myself to "be in the room" as Leo keeps telling me to do. But yes, the possibility of something following us home...yes I believe it can and has happened.

Is investigating just like it seems on the TV shows? I can answer that....NO. Okay, the shows are what they are, which is entertainment. They are filiming in real locations and they may have real activity. Now they may get multiple days to investigate and have multiple people going over evidence. But what you miss out on is the setup, take down, the research and the over all care for the client that makes up a complete investigation. That is just an easy sum up of what we do, there is so much involved in each step. We also usually one get on shot to do well and get about 3 to 6 hours in a location. That is 8 to 12 DVR video cameras, about 10 audio recorders, 3 hand held video cameras and any other cameras members have. That is 3 to 6 plus hours per each peice of equipment. That is a lot of work to do in your spare time. Plus we don't get paid for it. So no, it is not like the shows...but if and when we capture something as evidence, it makes every moment of hard work worth it!

I will leave it at this for tonight. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the website here any time! Thanks everyone and good night!

- Jason

Welcome to the journey!

Posted on November 13, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog, which is simply called, "Jason's Blog."  It is my goal here to take you along my journeys with the teams I am a member of. Those teams are Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, Bigfooting Kansas, and of course Road Trip Paranormal which I am the owner and opertator of. It has been a long journey so far that spans, for me, 16 years of researching and investigating. I have met some amazing people along the way, all whom have become not just friends but family to myself and my wife and I'll speak of all of them during the process of this Blog.

During each Blog post, it will be my views and prespective on all things weird and the investigations and public events we work on. I have always enojyed diving into different areas of the paranormal and other areas of interest to either stir up a conversation or to figure out a conclusion together with others. But to start this off, I wanted to explain how I got here since I am asked this a lot when doing public events. As I said my journey started about 16 years ago after I read a book about hauntings in Kansas, though I was already reading books on the weird all my life, but this book really kicked started something inside me. 

After reading about local hauntings and finding out that it is in my own backyard, so to speak, i had to jump on this and find that adventure that could lead to answers of the paranormal. I wanted answers, not just more recordings or something caught. I wanted answers to what, who and why there was a haunting happening in all these locations. Well, as time went on it became a reality to me that you can't just go about going to locations and figure you'll get in there to investigate, especially if you did not have proper equipment and even permission to do so. So I continued my research and drive to know more, but couldn't do much about doing anything more than that.

Then in early 2009, my brother took me on a trip to Atchinson, KS for a paranormal event that was happening out there. Now, Atchinson is considered by most and in books to be the "most haunted" city in the state of Kansas. So you can imagine how excited I was to get to see this city in person and to enjoy a full day of paranormal talk. My brother got us tickets for a Haunted Trolley Tour, cemetery guided walk through, and end the day with a paranormal public investigation. It was a BLAST! My brother and I were of course using our love for the paranormal but as well as ability to debunk things all night. We walked away with a clear view of what a public event was all about; which i believe there were about 20 to 25 people in the hitorical location doing the public event. It wasn't how we had hoped or what we had seen on the TV shows, but it was still an amazing evening with some strange things that happened. The experience just made that fire grow inside me.

Soon I was applying to become a tour guide for the Wichita Ghost Tour, owned by Cathy Ramirez of Ghost Tours of Kansas. She was needing a tour guide for her new and upcoming Wichita Ghost Tour. I thought, "Oh that could be so much fun!" I had to prove to her that I enjoyed not just the paranormal but history as well. History plays a huge part with hauntings, which I love history and I was more than happy to dive into Wichita's past and learn. Soon after getting the tour guide spot, I met the team Everyday-Legacy Paranormal while they were investigating a not so well known haunting at the time in Wichita, but the location would soon become a focal point of the team.

That night I met Jeremiah Norwood, founder of Everyday-Legacy and co-founder of Road Trip Paranormal....this is where my journey into the world of the paranormal takes off....

More to come...