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DESTINATIONS: Oberlin, KS - Last Indian Raid Museum

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 10:00 PM

One of our newest locations is the Last Indian Raid Museum in the Northwestern Kansas town of Oberlin. Little over 4 hour drive for us from Wichita, this town opened their arms to our team to come investigate the museum. Not only did we get a warm welcome, we had people from around the town come and speak to us about their own concerns with the possible hauntings they have been dealing with in their own homes. We showed up up in town to investigate the museum, but left with 7 more cases to work on. It was just a wonderful city and felt we had a lot to offer for them.

The museum was full of artifacts from so many points of history. Sharleen, who was our contact at the museum knew everything inside and even continues to help us with our research. As for the hauntings, there were two suicides that occurred inside the building, which is unusal for any museum. This was a great point of interest for us going in, not to mention the chance to wonder the museum all day and night. But we had a lot in store for us as we began our investigation. There are several buildings that make up the complete museum that inlude an old church, gas station, as well as the old train depot that would be the focal point of our night there.

It was a very cold evening with some snow still on the ground from a few days before. Sharleen had told us that the main build of the museum was the only one that had power to it, so the depot did not have power or heat for that matter. Sharleen had told us that she believed there was a child inside the depot because the lights were turning on and off during the season the museum was open. She would know for a fact she turned off the lights, only to be called back into town because someone said the lights were on again. Sharleen went in there one night and with a teachers voice and attitude, said enough was enough; and it stopped. So we went in there wanting to test out the idea of a child being there. Our results were outstanding! While asking questions and trying to get a response, we had our Mel-Meter tick up when asking for it to happen and for my first time I saw the flashlight that was laying on the counter come on with "yes or no" questions; this happening multiple times and all caught on camera. Disembodied voice heard from time to time while inside as well as shadows moving about. It was just wonderful...

This being an on going site of investigation, I will tell and share more as we get it...

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