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DESTINATIONS: Wilson, KS - Midland Railroad Hotel

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 10:50 PM

The Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson, KS has become one of our premier spots where we have held several public investigations with two more scheduled for 2017.

The hotel was built in 1899 by Wilke Power and was named the Power Hotel, it was one of the premier stops along the railroad of the Union Pacific in the midwest and was a beautiful limestone structure of three stories and 28 rooms. People would get off the train to go down in the basement of the hotel to show off their crafts and goods and was soon known as the Sample Room... and is still named that today.

In 1902 a fire tore through the hotel, tearing apart the upper floors. By 1920 with new owners it was re-opened as the Midland Railroad hotel. With such loss, damage, and change over time the hotel has held on to it's past well, and even some of the past visitors has remained inside. The hotel even showcases scenes from the 1973 film "Paper Moon," in which the hotel was used as a backdrop in the film.

We were asked to investigate the hotel, and that soon turned into a chance to do on going public investigations. This was an idea I fell for, a chance to bring the public along with us as we search for the hauntings of the hotel. This was too good to pass up, and the owner was behind us all the way.

The hotel has a few claims of spirits that are seen or heard through out the building. They have seen a woman along the staircase in the main lobby, a little girl who they have named Rose, and the Sheriff on the 3rd floor. The exact story of who they are are still up for debate but is something we are trying hard to figure out. The hauntings do not stop there as we investigate Grandma's Soda Shop around the corner of the hotel and the cemetery as well.

The Soda Shop is two stories with a basement that feels like a cave. Above the Soda Shop used to be a Dentist office and several apartments at one time or another. The 2nd floor also used to house a Mason Lodge that still has a fire door seperating it and another room. It is on the second floor that there has been a male voice that screams out "Get Out" from time to time. In the basement you can hear the whispers of the past, at several times during the public events we have had guests and team members hear these voices.During one such event while filming downstairs of the Soda Shop, a team member had a large rock and object thrown at them from no where... this too was caught on film.

This too is an ongoing site of investigans, will be more than happy to share more as we get it...or you can join us there sometime!

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