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The beginnings of something new...

Posted on March 9, 2019 at 1:25 PM

The 2019 year is off and running but everything feels a lot different then they did a year ago. We all go through life with up and downs and find our way though them. 2018 took it's toll on the team and myself included. We beagn the year rocking it with investigations all over the state of Kansas and getting to do public events in locations we were told would never happen, Boot Hill Museum was one of those.  But with all the excitement of new locations and friends we have met along the way, personal tragedy still followed us...

In the field of the paranormal and the unknown, we deal with other people's tragedies, fears and pain. We never truly think about our own in the same aspect. In 2018 my wife of 4 years, (together for 10 years total), passed away after 3 1/2 years of fighting an illness we and the doctors could not fix or even understand. This left me broken and not understanding life. Other team members lost their brother, grandmother, and other loved ones little before or after I lost my wife. It really makes you stop and reflect all that you do and you want to find a good reason for it all. But in the end, there is not any real good reason for any of it...

The pain we each were hit with in 2018 has made my team, who above all are more family than anything, stronger together. We are laying the ground work for some upcoming plans and projects that 10 years ago seemed out of reach but is now happening. We are preparing for our first hosting gig for a Metaphysical and Paranormal festival, working on a script and outline for our own documentary, and being a guest speaker for the upcoming 2019 Bigfoot Festival in North Carolia.

With pain can come progress and hopefully some happiness. Together this team will continue to grow and become everything we have hoped for. This is the beginning of something new...

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