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Welcome to the journey!

Posted on November 13, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog, which is simply called, "Jason's Blog."  It is my goal here to take you along my journeys with the teams I am a member of. Those teams are Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, Bigfooting Kansas, and of course Road Trip Paranormal which I am the owner and opertator of. It has been a long journey so far that spans, for me, 16 years of researching and investigating. I have met some amazing people along the way, all whom have become not just friends but family to myself and my wife and I'll speak of all of them during the process of this Blog.

During each Blog post, it will be my views and prespective on all things weird and the investigations and public events we work on. I have always enojyed diving into different areas of the paranormal and other areas of interest to either stir up a conversation or to figure out a conclusion together with others. But to start this off, I wanted to explain how I got here since I am asked this a lot when doing public events. As I said my journey started about 16 years ago after I read a book about hauntings in Kansas, though I was already reading books on the weird all my life, but this book really kicked started something inside me. 

After reading about local hauntings and finding out that it is in my own backyard, so to speak, i had to jump on this and find that adventure that could lead to answers of the paranormal. I wanted answers, not just more recordings or something caught. I wanted answers to what, who and why there was a haunting happening in all these locations. Well, as time went on it became a reality to me that you can't just go about going to locations and figure you'll get in there to investigate, especially if you did not have proper equipment and even permission to do so. So I continued my research and drive to know more, but couldn't do much about doing anything more than that.

Then in early 2009, my brother took me on a trip to Atchinson, KS for a paranormal event that was happening out there. Now, Atchinson is considered by most and in books to be the "most haunted" city in the state of Kansas. So you can imagine how excited I was to get to see this city in person and to enjoy a full day of paranormal talk. My brother got us tickets for a Haunted Trolley Tour, cemetery guided walk through, and end the day with a paranormal public investigation. It was a BLAST! My brother and I were of course using our love for the paranormal but as well as ability to debunk things all night. We walked away with a clear view of what a public event was all about; which i believe there were about 20 to 25 people in the hitorical location doing the public event. It wasn't how we had hoped or what we had seen on the TV shows, but it was still an amazing evening with some strange things that happened. The experience just made that fire grow inside me.

Soon I was applying to become a tour guide for the Wichita Ghost Tour, owned by Cathy Ramirez of Ghost Tours of Kansas. She was needing a tour guide for her new and upcoming Wichita Ghost Tour. I thought, "Oh that could be so much fun!" I had to prove to her that I enjoyed not just the paranormal but history as well. History plays a huge part with hauntings, which I love history and I was more than happy to dive into Wichita's past and learn. Soon after getting the tour guide spot, I met the team Everyday-Legacy Paranormal while they were investigating a not so well known haunting at the time in Wichita, but the location would soon become a focal point of the team.

That night I met Jeremiah Norwood, founder of Everyday-Legacy and co-founder of Road Trip Paranormal....this is where my journey into the world of the paranormal takes off....

More to come...

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