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Questions we're always asked

Posted on November 15, 2016 at 10:05 PM

Greetings everyone on this Tuesday evening! It has been a long week so far, and again it is only Tuesday! Wish I could say that myself and the teams get paid for what we do and can make a living out of it...but no, we all work full-time jobs and take care of family in our daily lives. That is okay though, our families support us in our adventures and all the meetings that we have to discuss the investigations.

For RTP, we had a very long but great October with the Wichita Ghost Tours. Cathy of Ghost Tours of Kansas has kept us busy through the season with different tour dates and add on the investigations with ELP and we have been swamped. Not to mention the very popular public event we had in Wilson, KS at the Midland Railroad Hotel back on October 8th. Always a great time with a lot of amazing memories.

Now, when doing the Wichita Ghost Tours, Live Public Investigations or just doing public speaking we are always meeting so many new people. While talking to everyone, they are always asking myself or other members of the team about the different types of hauntings we have encountered or handled, do we get nervous, are we ever followed back home, or how different is it compared to the TV shows. Well...where to begin...

I have been investigating since 2009 full-time. Now other members of the team, past and current team memebers, have been investigating longer than i have such as Jeremiah who founded both RTP and ELP. Brendon has been investigating for many years and started Bigfooting Kansas just a few years ago, in which he has been researching more on the legendary creature within the state and beyond. As for Leo and I who are the two heads for ELP and RTP, we started all this about the same time when we joined ELP and climbed the ranks of the team so to speak.

What type of hauntings do we encounter? So far, several kinds. We have encountered many different hauntings that included residual to intelligent to what many may call demonic. Each case brings something different to us, sometimes it can be easily answered while other times it leaves us puzzeled and walking away asking so many more questions about what happened. We have been in normal looking homes, historical locations, to being out in the middle of the woods and have heard and seen things that have just astonished us. Objects moving, voices speaking aloud answering us, being touched or scratched, shadow figures moving about, full-body apparitions, and a sighting of the creature known as Bigfoot. Yes, you read that correctly.

Are we ever scared? Well, we are human and of course we still get nervous or a little on edge given the location we are in. I know I get that strange feeling of needing to get away from certain aways sometimes, but being with my teammates helps that feeling subeside. I have had a few things scare the crap out of me, like having a crate full of toys slam up against a wall after I asked a question that the spirit there didn't seem to like...yeah I almost fell over on that one as two team members laughed at me. But we are always working together and try to be aware of our surroundings to help explain a lot of the noises and such.

Have we ever had something follow us home? I get asked this a lot. Some team members may have had something follow them. To be honest, we don't talk about it much. Some cases that we handle do end up being an emotional trip that is hard to explain to each other as well as our family. I do believe that a few of my teammates have had something follow them home...ever since we helped out on a case in Oklahoma, it really seemed to bother them after coming back home. As for me, I am not sure. I always joke with the teams that I am the last to hear or see something. The truth is, I am a skeptic in my head but a believer in my heart. To explain this, I know I see or hear a lot of the things going on around us while investigating. I try to always explain it to myself and i think I am just waiting for something to jump out and wave at me. Sometimes, I do feel like some one or something is around me while living my day to day life. But I am just thinking too much in to it? I am a huge critic on myself and how I investigate, meaning I am always thinking and not allowing myself to "be in the room" as Leo keeps telling me to do. But yes, the possibility of something following us home...yes I believe it can and has happened.

Is investigating just like it seems on the TV shows? I can answer that....NO. Okay, the shows are what they are, which is entertainment. They are filiming in real locations and they may have real activity. Now they may get multiple days to investigate and have multiple people going over evidence. But what you miss out on is the setup, take down, the research and the over all care for the client that makes up a complete investigation. That is just an easy sum up of what we do, there is so much involved in each step. We also usually one get on shot to do well and get about 3 to 6 hours in a location. That is 8 to 12 DVR video cameras, about 10 audio recorders, 3 hand held video cameras and any other cameras members have. That is 3 to 6 plus hours per each peice of equipment. That is a lot of work to do in your spare time. Plus we don't get paid for it. So no, it is not like the shows...but if and when we capture something as evidence, it makes every moment of hard work worth it!

I will leave it at this for tonight. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the website here any time! Thanks everyone and good night!

- Jason

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