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The Strange and Weird: Part One

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the delay on another post, but the recent holiday got in the way of time to do a lot. As we come together on these sites everyone is wanting to hear about the strange and weird that myself and the team encounters. Just to let you know, I like everything in the relam of werid or unknown. I have spent years of my life reading on the paranormal, UFO's, Bigfoot, monsters to conspiracies of any topic.

With that in mind, back on November 22, was the anniversary JFK assassination. Having been to the site in Dallas twice and getting a chance to hear historians at the site tell the stories and the strange events before and after the shooting still leaves me scratching my head. Now sure, there have been countless investigations into this topic. Everyone has a thought on it so I won't dive too much into it. I will say these things that do not make sense to me:  The timeline of events inside the buidling do not match up so well. Oswlad is seen inside the breakroom of the BDB eating just a short time before the shooting. He is again seen drinking a soda moments after the shooting. No one saw him running down the stairs either. He then walks right out the frontdoor.  Also, something that sticks out in my mind is the live interview Oswald is having with the media. They are asking him questions and sticks to his statement of not knowing what he is being held for. Then a news reporter tells him he is being held for the murder of the President. Right there, the look on his face is strange as if in complete shock. Shock in that he is being accused of the murder or shock that "they" are putting the whole thing on him? In my opinion, did he know about the intended killing...yes. Did he really act alone and pull that I could go on and on with this but that 's for another time.

Bigfoot...that is a popular topic these days given the TV shows. Over the years of investigating hauntings we have encountered some strange things that point to the Big Guy being in the same area or even watching us. There is a book that just came out back in August by author Brandon Callahan, an investigator in Kansas City. The book is called - The Agony That Remains and it is based on true events that happened while investigating in Oklahoma. Now myself and the team were a part of this investigation. It was a crazy adventure that each of us can agree on. Voices in the woods, shadows running around us, to seeing large foot prints in the dirt...large! Then one night, our teammates Brenden (BB) and Leo encountered the Big Guy in person. So much more to all these stories, but I have seen the evidence and I know the creature to be true. I have heard the growls, the screams, wood knocks, and rock throwing...including the heavy footsteps in the woods. Simply amazing. If you go to the Bigfooting Kansas website, you can hear a recording of something walking into camp and it's heavy deep breathing as it examines our food and gear.

Another topic I enjoy is that of UFO sightings. Now, not that this happens everyday around me here in Wichita, KS but the history of all this is interesting enough. The idea of creatures coming down, abducting you and such does give me more chills than going into a house that is said to be haunted. The stories of abductions are the most interesting. From Betty and Barney Hill to Travis Walton having complelling stories to them and make you feel that it could happen to you. Rosewell is another I could go into for hours, but you all know the story of the supposed UFO crash and the recovery of bodies...if not, I'll go into that in our next post. There have been sightings everywhere around the world and they even pop up in the Bible...if you're willing to see it that way. I myself have witnessed something in the sky while star gazing south of Wichita in the country. A star that started to move, went down, then shot upward and back to it's starting point...making a ful triangle. As I was watching this, I elbowed my wife and asked if she was seeing this. She said "Yes..." Then I noticed she was looking in a total different direction than me...come to find out, there were 2 objects in the sky doing the same formation. All I know is that they were not man made nor natural.

I will leave you all here for now, I will write soon! Thanks everyone! Again, if you want to comment just message the site below and I'll get back to you!

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