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The faces behind RTP


Founder of

Everyday-Legacy Paranormal


Co-founder of Road Trip Paranormal

Jeremiah created Everyday-Legacy Paranormal in 2007. He joined forces with Brandon Callahan in 2011 to set off on a new adventure, tracking down the connections of the paranormal activity across the country - they named this venture Road Trip Paranormal. Handing over RTP in 2014 to Jason Roberts in which Jason has developed the team as it is today. Callahan went on to become an author and Jeremiah stayed with both teams until 2019 when he stepped away to follow other passions.


Investigator / Western Kansas Outreach

Renee grew up with her brother Leo experiencing their own paranormal activity in the Dodge City area, where she lives today. She joined up with ELP in early 2010 at an investigation of a salon in Wichita. She became a full on member of ELP since that night. Renee has been present during some intense moments of ELP investigations from Kansas to Oklahoma. As our Western teammate, she tries to help be a contact for those further away from Wichita who needs help with any paranormal activity.


Investigator / Researcher

Corrie became a member of RTP in 2019. Having an interest in the world of the unknown from hauntings, UFO's, mysteries of history, stones, and many more areas of the paranormal, Corrie is ready to find the answers to many of her questions while on the team. Her passion for history and travel brings a lot of research and energy to the team. Corrie enjoys researching and tracking down forgotten buildings and abandoned towns with hopes for finding out the history of these places and why they were left behind. 

The faces behind RTP


Investigator / Researcher

Andi is a life long follower of the paranormal field. Interested in the field since a child, she has longed to have the chance to dive into the research head on. Having investigated many locations on her own or as a guest with Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and RTP, Andi has worked hard to find her path with reaching out to spirits. She joined RTP June 2019 and has been several adventures and investigations since.


Investigator / Western Kansas Outreach

Chris started with Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and Road Trip Paranormal early 2019 after a year of going to public events as a guest and intrigued with the paranormal field. Bringing his energy of excitement, Chris is studying up on different equipment in the field for himself and to help the team. He is also another Western Kansas Outreach for us, gaining new locations to investigate for the team.